Elegant and Slick All-Composite Design

DUC Swirl Prop

Large Control Surfaces for Full Capability Throughout the Flight Envelope.

GRS Parachute Exit Point.  Ballistic Parachute is Standard.

15 Degrees of Flaps 

45 Degrees of Flaps

Lockable Door and Fully Adjustable Side Vents on Both Sides.  Full Wrap Around Tinted Windows Standard (makes a huge difference for heat and visibility).

Additional Vent in Windscreen Controlled From the Cockpit

 Steerable Nose Wheel and Lowest Fuel Sump Location

Rugged Main Wheels on Composite Landing Gear

Easy Access Wheel Fairings

Dual Landing/Taxi Lights that are also Wig Wags.

Bright LED Navigation Light and Strobe Light.  Tie Down and Fuel Vent Also Shown.

Imbedded LED Tail Nav Light (Standard)

Heated Pitot Tube Standard

Tail Cone is Capable of a Tow Glider Attachment Option